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As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and a forensic and business valuation expert, Rosalia M. Labate can be your trusted guide through any financial difficulty.

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Why Rosalia Labate?

Your Trusted Guide

Financial uncertainty can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

The financial challenges of divorce, investigations, and litigation can make even the most accomplished person fearful and anxious. None of us expect to find ourselves in such unfamiliar territory until we’re already there. But there’s no reason that you have to find your way out alone.

As a forensic financial analyst who has firsthand experience with divorce, and as a forensic and business-valuation expert, I can be your trusted guide through any financial difficulty.

If you have questions and concerns like this, I can help you:

  • He stole money. I need to find it.
  • I have no idea what the finances are, my spouse took care of them.
  • Is this a good settlement offer?
  • I can’t figure out how to fill out this form from my attorney.
  • Can I keep the house?


As one of my clients, you’ll get a complete analysis of your true financial situation, the assets involved, and what your options are for moving forward. Most importantly, you’ll be partnering with an expert who understands your financial needs now and can help you plan for the future.

Divorce and issues of financial security can affect every aspect of your life. Make sure that you have someone looking out for your best financial interests. It is never too early or too late.

Explore What I Do Best

I provide the financial expertise you need when you need it the most. No matter where you are in the process or whether you know where the “money is,” I prepare your true financial picture so that you can claim it and move forward. I help you wade through the mounds of documents and legal jargon, and since I have multiple areas of expertise, you don’t have to assemble a massive team of experts.

An example of services include shareholder disputes, guardianship matters, divorce mediation, business appraisal review, financial analysis, court appointed neutral, estate tax valuations, gift tax valuations, and more.

Rosalia Labate

Dedicated to Service

Rosalia M. Labate is known for providing top-level service coupled with world-class professionalism, and she assists clients and their attorneys with understanding and navigating the myriad financial aspects surrounding separation and divorce.

I pledge to give you my complete dedication in helping you with your financial needs.

Rosalia M. Labate

Helping You Every Step Of The Way

When there’s a sudden change in your life—a divorce, a dispute with your business partner, the dissolution of your company, or the addition of a new business interest—I help you find your path forward.


Learning about your current situation

You’ll need an honest and comprehensive understanding of your financial past, present, and future.


Helping you understand your options

I prepare your true financial picture so that you can claim it and move forward.


Fight For You

I work closely with both you and your attorney as part of your team to ensure that you receive the optimal outcome.

Who We Serve


My clients come to me looking for a trusted financial advisor who can provide advice they can act on.  If you are in the process of a divorce, I can work with you and your attorney to ensure that you’re standing on a strong foundation of knowledge about your personal assets.  As forensic accounting experts, I’ve have helped clients of all stages of life and backgrounds take control of their lives. 


Your clients expect reliable guidance from experts who can work together to build a strategy for success. I work with you and your clients to create a smooth process and a fair outcome for all parties involved. I elevate the professional quality of the services that you offer your clients, which in turn results in increased client satisfaction, client referrals, and growth.