What is a Divorce Financial Consultant?

In a divorce, it’s important to make sure that everyone on your team is working for your best interests. A competent financial consultant will ensure that you and your attorney know what you and your spouse own and owe so you are dealing from a position of knowledge and strength.

As a divorce financial consultant, my job is to research the marital estate. That includes property, investments, retirement accounts, trusts and personal property, etc.

Divorce can get complicated. When you’re dealing with the loss of a marriage and issues of custody, support and major lifestyle changes, you don’t want to make hasty decisions regarding your long-term financial future. People you’ve relied on in the past may not be able to be objective.

There may be assets that you don’t know about and, just as important, loans or other financial liabilities that are undisclosed. To get a clear picture, I put my financial forensic skills to work. My job is to make sure you and your attorney have a full financial picture before any settlement discussions.

I often have clients come to me during the divorce process with no idea of how much it costs to run their homes, let alone their lifestyle. It’s overwhelming for clients to attempt to review every aspect of their financial life alone.

When you’re dealing with emotions, added responsibilites, and the stress of managing life’s details, it’s important to work with someone who can help you assess what you’ll need in your life “after divorce”. It’s also critical to have a competent consultant to make sure that the details have been considered.

Youd don’t have to do this alone. A divorce financial consultant will help ensure your financial future with less stress and anxiety on you.

People plan for major life transitions. Shouldn’t divorce be one of those times you plan for it?

You will get through this. I’m here to assist.